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Web Builder and Web Manager
WebSuccess provides a simple interface that will help make your website a success without adding new software for you to learn. If you know how to use a word processing program, you will be able to build a website in as quickly as 20 minutes using the Web Builder. And, once your website is complete, you can update the information on your website and change the Calendar of Events as often as you want using the Web Manager.
Training for Success
As with all of our products, LPi provides training and technical support to make your job easier and more efficient. We think you will find WebSuccess so easy to use, you will be up in no time. If you do encounter any problems, please call our technical support people to help you through a specific area.
Ongoing Program Enhancements
We know that parish communication requirements change often and WebSuccess will keep up with those changes. Regular website enhancement releases, new product features, new services, ongoing research, web marketing tips and hints, and web clip art are all part of the LPi commitment to providing the most flexible communication options.
What is WebSuccess?!
WebSuccess is a comprehensive web solution developed by LPi to fit the needs of most parishes when it comes to communicating with members electronically. Predefined templates and text libraries allow anybody to quickly and easily create a professional website.
WebSuccess consists of four parts:
  • Web Builder
  • Web Manager
  • Training and Technical Support
  • Ongoing Program Enhancements
WebSuccess allows you to change and update the information on your website as often as you need to without having to be a programmer.
Call your local LPi publishing representative to find out how you can get started with WebSuccess today!
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